Somfy 240 volt Remote Control


SOmfy RTS remote

Click on the Somfy RTS 240 volt remote link above to Give you information on programming your Somfy RTS remote control.

The beauty of a RTS remote control for roller shutters is if you install roller shutters in one room with more than one window you can operate the roller shutters either individually or all at the same time with ease, the remote control handset is very easy to use, slimline and attractive it comes with a wall plate so you can house it one spot not to be lost. There are light indicators on the remote to show you which sequence is set at that particular time and you can change sequence with a  press of a button. Very easy to use If you order one remote shutter you will receive the one channel remote handset ( works one shutter) if you order more than one roller shutter on remote you will receive the 4 channel remote (works 4 roller shutters) if you order one remote  roller shutter and need a four channel you can tell us this on checkout in the notes section.

somfy 240 volt remote control for roller shutters

You can even Turn your existing roller shutter into a motorised shutter!


  • Somfy motors designed to make using roller shutters far easier
  • Set timers to add automation
  • Extend or retract all roller shutters with a single remote
  • So if you have existing roller shutters that you want to change over to 240Volt motor its easy, all the parts are available in our online store under parts and tools, with easy instructions, were only an email away with help 24 x7