About Us

The focus of our business is to supply customers who want to buy online and DIY…

We have been manufacturing, assembling and installing these products since 1984 and we recognise the demand for homeowners, builders and handymen to have access to home improvement supplies online so they can DIY and save some real money by doing the install themselves or getting a local handyman to do the job for you, even call your local roller shutter company and ask how much they will charge you to install them.

Upon recognising this need in the marketplace, our DIY Roller shutters and blinds online (both indoor and outdoor) was born. The range of indoor and outdoor blinds we can offer is extensive and includes many of our most popular lines. All come with easy to understand step by step DIY guides, not just for the install, but on how to accurately measure for your blinds or shutters too which ensures a nice fit on your window or wall and giving you a professional finish even if you have never done it before. It’s just that easy.