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If you buy a drone the chances are high that it was made in China. Shenzhen is the undisputed city for their development. Thanks to plenty of tech incubators, venture capitalists, and savvy entrepreneurs, most of the world’s remote-controlled flying machines are made here.


Whether you’re looking for high-end consumer DJI drone, racing drones or cheap drones for kids there is a huge amount of options. So because Chinavasion is based in Shenzhen we can source the best drones for sale at discount prices.


One of the leaders in camera drones is DJI. With the Phantom series of quadcopters, they gained a huge following and their more advanced models have gimbal mounted drones that are popular with movie and documentary cameramen.


In 2017 the action camera company GoPro entered the quadcopter market, there is also completion from leading French drone company Parrot. With many companies pushing the technology forward now is a great time to get into the flying toy market as consumers can enjoy competitive prices and resellers have a fast-growing market to supply.

What is a Camera Drone?

As the name suggests, a camera drone is a drone with a camera attached to it. Sometimes this camera is built into the drone itself. Other times the drone is like a detachable action camera that attaches to a bracket on the base of the machine.


The advantage of a camera drone is that it lets you take birds eye FPV views and wide-angle shots where it otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Drone photography has advanced so far that it has started to replace the use of cameras mounted in helicopters, especially when it comes to blockbuster films and documentaries. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly even the best camera quadcopter is less expensive than a helicopter and cameraman. Secondly, a drone is a lot less invasive, it doesn’t scare off wildlife and requires less special authorization to fly.


Much of the stabilization technology, GPS flight controls and flight navigation from the processional drones used in Hollywood films has now started to trickle down to more affordable commercial drones. This has greatly improved the quality of drone photography and filmmaking.


With 4K video capture, respectable flight times, and low prices a camera drone is affordable enough for many amateur filmmakers and hobbyists. This sort of FPV drone lets them capture fast-paced aerial photography and take footage from all manner of places.


Selfie Drone

Selfies have been a growing trend since before the first phone cameras were invented. Now it is a huge craze. No trip to the beach, vacation or night out is complete without a self-portrait to show for it. For those that want to take their photos one step further, you have the selfie drone.


A self-portrait drone is a small camera drone able to fit in your hand and capable of snapping great pictures as well as videos. This type of mini-drone is small enough to fit in your pocket and most can be controlled via Bluetooth from an app on your smartphone.


They make snapping pictures much easier and can even get wide angle pictures as well as area shots and panned out video clips. Whether you’re standing on the lip of the grand canyon or chilling on a beach these compact camera drones will record the perfect memorable picture. With an FPV on your smartphone, you can line up the shot and see exactly what your snapping, it really couldn’t be easier. This sort of foldable drone will fit in your pocket when not in use and is a great accessory for holidays and special events.


Drones for Kids

Cheap drones for kids such as the SYMA drone are affordable and easy to control quadcopter that offers great bang for your buck. You can even get a LEGO drone which is a perfect way to learn about building as well as flying. These entry-level drones for kids are great for learning to fly. They are an affordable option before advancing to the more sophisticated systems.


The best drones for me?

Picking the best drone can be hard work as there are so many options. Before buying you should list all the things you want your drone to do as well as your budget. Consider the following.


Are you looking for an introductory FPV drone to learn about aerial photography? Do you want a racing drone to battle the skies with your friends? Or are you an advanced user looking to upgrade to the latest kit with top features?


In this category, you can read about and compare many different drones from a range of manufacturers that will help you decide on the best drone for your needs.


One of the most expensive drone brands is DJI. These top quality drones command a prominent place in the market but can seem expensive for those who want an introductory product. Fortunately, at the Chinavasion drone store, you will find a full range of options. From the best cheap drone options to the most expensive commercial drones from leading drone companies. So you can choose the product that’s right for you.


Laws and regulations for UAV

Most countries have strict laws governing the areas where a quadcopter and other UAV’s can be operated. For safety reasons, these laws restrict the use of flying vehicles close to power plants, airports, and other sites. Many also have limits on the maximum altitude a quadcopter or UAV can be flown at. Therefore before flying one of these vehicles outside you should consult the laws in your region.


Larger drones may need registering with your local authorities or could even require licenses to operate. This is to ensure the pilot doesn’t harm themselves or those around them


The history of drones and UAVs

You could be mistaken for thinking that drones are a new idea. They have been around in differing forms for over 200 years. The first of these unmanned aerial vehicles were balloons with explosive payloads used in military conflicts as far back as 1782.


Just over a century on Unmanned aerial vehicles were using cameras for surveillance in 1896. Though it wasn’t until 1960 when the potential of drones really took off. This is when jet-propelled drones were used as remote combat aircraft in the Vietnam war. In the 1990’s Unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs were used in the first gulf war, Kosovo and Afghanistan conflicts. They were also being used to gather climate information by then as well.


However, the commercial market for drones didn’t really take off until after 2010. This is when drones exploded as a recreational and consumer product. These days drones are used in a whole range of industries from climate research, anti-poaching wildlife protection, and agriculture all the way through to military.


Currently, some e-commerce stores and couriers are looking at the viability of drone deliveries. Also medicine delivery is undergoing trials. Facebook is looking to build huge drones that will provide internet connectivity to the remotes regions of the globe. In the future, they may even be a means of transportation.

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