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Roller Shutters block out the Summer Heat

Roller Shutters block out the Summer Heat

Here we are again, another sweltering day in summer. There’s an easy way to help reduce the heat in your home today, just roll your roller shutters down and block out that summer heat.

Roller shutters are a proven and effective way to keep the scorching heat out of your home, the insulated shutter helps to reduce up to 90% of the heat that would normally come through your glass, as well as keeping the room darker which also helps. Once the roller shutter is down the shutters block the sunlight and heat from heating up your furnishings, carpets and glass so the heat transfer is dramatically reduced.

Winter warmer..

The beautiful thing about a roller shutter is it’s not just a summer help its an all-rounder. Using the roller shutters in winter helps to keep your home that bit warmer too, helping to keep the cold of your glass and furnishings but also keeping in the heat from heating that would normally escape through it. There’s an abundant amount of benefits that a roller shutter can offer in your home – call us today and talk to one of our friendly staff and we can pop out and see what you need.

Sound blocker..

Roller shutters are proven to help block out some noise, depending on the level of noise itself they can help to lessen what travels through the glass.


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