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diy Roller Shutters Online

Roller Shutters Online

diy Roller Shutters Online

Roller shutters online – For over 30 years we have been servicing the roller shutter industry with pride and care, we now offer you an exciting and budget pleasing alternative to roller shutter and blind installations.

DIY backed up by a team that’s here to guide you through it.

There are many ways to install a roller shutter or outdoor/indoor blind and we make that process easy for you. Our step by step guides with advice and help only an email or phone call away. Our ordering process is the easiest we could make it, simply measure and follow the order process step by step.

We at Roller Shutters Blinds Online make the deductions or add on the guides and box for you dependant on your installation choice, these are deducted from your measurements supplied so don’t be scared of measuring just take it easy.  Get someone to help you hold the other end of the tape so you can see what the actual measurement is and give us that measurement be careful to measure both sides on the height as sometimes they are different, then supply us with the longest measurement.

Our colour samples are pretty self explanatory and then proceed with ordering once you have made your choices. Wait times are dependent on the blinds you choose as some items are off the rack with stock always held and other items are speciality items and require some waiting, if in doubt email us.

It’s a really easy process but if you’re still unsure, email us with your concern or question and we will happily talk you through it.

diy roller shutters online

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