BushFire Roller Shutter brochure

The bushfire roller shutter


Click on the link above to see the bush fire safe roller shutter brochure

In some regions of Australia the Bushfire roller shutters are a must, providing safety and peace of mind for your home or building project. Bushfire roller shutters are made from extruded aluminium with a hollow core, they come in a variety of colours and we offer a great range of control options to suit every need. Sometimes its advisable to install a UPS system with the Bushfire roller shutters if they are electric – if the power goes out before you’ve had a chance to action your fire safety plan you still have the ability to close or open the shutters. We offer plenty of options for schools and public safety areas that are easy to use in case of a fire emergency as well as your personal homes & offices. If you have a bushfire shutter need email us or call us and we will be able to guide you through what you may need depending on your circumstance. Above is a link to our brochure for the shutters offering you a little more information on them.