Are Roller Shutters Secure?

Roller shutters are a deterrent, we can not say NEVER, but in our 31 years of business we haven’t had any one gain entry through a roller shutter. You can always add a bottom bar lock to your roller shutters for extra piece of mind, this will lock the shutter down and be opened with a key.

Will the shutters make the room completely dark?

Roller shutters are designed to darken the room when in the down position, however if the surface the shutter is installed to is not perfectly flush or flat nore will the shutter, and this may let in light through these areas, you may experience different light blockout in each room depending on each window and the circumstances.

Can I see through the roller shutters?

The roller shutters are designed with perforations in between the slats, when these are open the roller shutter will let in light and air & give you a view.. When the roller shutter is completely down, no you can not see through them.

Do I need help to install the roller shutters?

This depends on you, but it is advisable to have someone help you lift the shutter up. We can help you find someone to install then for you dependant on where you live. Email us if you need help installing your roller shutters.

How easy are they to install?

A manual roller shutter may be time consuming and difficult depending on your ability as a handyman, an electric shutter is really easy, and your electrician does most of the work.

A battery operated roller shutter is a bit more time consuming than an electric shutter but pretty easy and a spring loaded shutter can be time consuming and difficult as well depending on your abilities.

It is a lot easier with the installs to have your roller shutters on the wall (face) rather than in the reveal.

Can I wire an AC 240volt, 12volt, 24volt motor myself?

NO you need to get in a qualified A class electrician who needs to give you a certificate of compliance to ensure its done correctly and covers your warranty.

Can we get the shutters in a colour not shown?

Yes you can, email us for a quotation

Is it best to have the roller shutter on the face of the wall or in the reveal?

For the novice installer, on the wall is a lot easier to measure and install, both installations give the same benefits from the roller shutters.