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somfy motors and remotes

Roller Shutters Blinds Online is becoming one of Australia’s best know somfy dealers. Supplying motors and remotes to homes and business at the lowest price.

somfy solus PA

Is the always reliable somfy motor designed specifically for roller shutters. Comes in torques of 10Nm to 50Nm. you may need one of our drive wheels if buying a new motor.

somfy LT50

the LT is the long lasting premium grade motor most used for projection screen applications but can also be used for roller shutters. Comes in torques of 10Nm to 50Nm.

somfy RTS premium

This somfy motor comes with a built-in radio receiver and has a memory capacity of 12 transmitters or channels plus 3 sensors. The somfy RTS is best used for roller shutters because of its obstacle detection, automatic limit setting and frost detection. this can also be used with our somfy situo remotes.

somfy remotes

The situo remote comes in a range of four beautiful colours to suit any home decor. Control up to four shutters or blinds with the one channel or five channel remote.

We will soon be stocking the somfy telis RTS 16 channel remote.

somfy drive wheels

Drive wheels are used because most of the 50mm motors are actually 47mm wide and this helps turn the axle round.

We will soon be stocking the somfy sonesse 40. This is a hard wired motor suitable for smaller roller shutters with limited room. And also has low power consumption.

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