roller shutter melourne

  • Diamond Neck Roller 13.240.401

    Diamond Neck Roller

    roller shutter spare parts


    goes on the inside of the house

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  • end plate leg

    pack of two Standard end plate legs

    roller shutter spare parts

    End Plate Leg


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  • somfy 30nm motor

    SOMFY 240V LTN motors 30Nm (solus pa)

    New updated motor to replace the solus PA

    min shutter width 710mm

    230v 50hz motor

    progressive set limits

    torque 30nm

    speed 12rpm

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  • roller shutter Toggle switch 240V 14.201.000

    Toggle switch 240V 14.201.000

    roller shutter spare parts

    Toggle switch 240V


    Single control wall switch with toggle operation.

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