roller shutter parts online

  • Box End Inserts in reveal

    Box End Inserts – in reveal

    roller shutter spare parts

    11.916.401 – 11.917.401

    helps your strap to roll through the wall efficiently.


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  • Box End Inserts on wall

    Box End Inserts – on wall

    roller shutter spare parts

    11.918.401 – 11.919.401

    pack contains left and right

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  • Diamond Neck Roller 13.240.401

    Diamond Neck Roller

    roller shutter spare parts


    goes on the inside of the house

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  • E Series AC Charger

    OzRoll E Series AC Charger

    roller shutter spare parts


    charger for e-port controller

    can be used with old control 10 remote

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  • end plate leg

    pack of two Standard end plate legs

    roller shutter spare parts

    End Plate Leg


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  • Round 50mm red axle insert red axle end for roller shutter 50mm red axle insert

    Round 50mm (red) axle insert

    roller shutter spare parts

    50mm red axle

    the most common for the round axles

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  • Standard Box End Insert Guides

    Standard Box End Insert Guides roller shutter spare parts

    roller shutter spare parts

    Standard Box End Insert Guides (Square or Round Hood Boxes)

    Pair A 11.938.408 B 11.939.408

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  • roller shutter Toggle switch 240V 14.201.000

    Toggle switch 240V 14.201.000

    roller shutter spare parts

    Toggle switch 240V


    Single control wall switch with toggle operation.

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  • winder handle for in wall cable winder box

    winder handle for in wall cable winder box

    roller shutter spare parts

    handle used for in wall cable box (not strap winder box)

    hexagon shape not square


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  • Firesafe

    36mL ext Firesafe

    Offering a Bushfire attack level (BAL) A40, Tested by the CSIROComplies with bushfire construction standard AS3959-2009 (clauses 3.7 & 8.5.1)Radiant heat shielding properties to 40kw/m,  Suitable for widespan widths up to 5800mmAuthentication plate fitted


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