50mm Extruded heavy duty commercial roller shutter

50mm Extruded

50mm Extruded roller shutter

50mm Extruded roller shutter

This roller shutter range is made with a precision
extruded roller shutter profi le, with approximately
20% vision and ventilation perforations, and is
suitable for many commercial and industrial grade

Suitable Applications

• Commercial Windows
• Commercial Shop Fronts & Doorways
• Garage Doors
• Security for Factories, Warehouses, Clubs,
Pubs & Hotels, Restaurants, Pharmacies, Sports
Complexes, Arcades, Shopping Mall Entrances
& Shopping Centre Grilles


• High quality, strong aluminium alloy construction.
• Commercial grade single wall extruded profi le
for heavy duty strength.
• Vision and ventilation perforations for airfl ow
and light.
• High quality powder coated fi nish for maximum
abrasion resistance.
• Perforated and curved face profi le.
• Roll-tight design.
• Range of colours.
• Heavy duty steel axle with high quality internal
sealed bearings.
• Suitable for widespan widths up to 4000mm.
• Can be manually operated or motorised.
• Made in Australia.

50mm Extruded roller shutter
  • Commercial windows, shop fronts, garage doors
  • Mall entrances.
  • Can be operated easily manually, electrically
  • Aluminium construction
  • Extruded strength
  • Roll tight design
  • Range of colours
  • Suitable for widespans to 5500mm
  • Winder box allows your shutter to wind up from inside
  • Spring loaded
  • Battery operated
  • 240v electric motor
  • 240v remote controlled
  • 240v electric motor with manual override
  • 240v key switch