EasyView™ shutters

EasyView shutters is a strong roller shutter system constructed of an extruded aluminium and transparent, UV resistant polycarbonate profile, which provides added security and permanent views of the outdoors.

Suitable for a wide range of domestic applications, EasyView is ideal for outdoor patio, verandah and pergola areas, providing permanent outside views in a modern and sleek design. EasyView provides an affordable way of creating that extra room, while protecting families from the elements in both Winter and Summer.

EasyView is also suitable for various commercial and industrial, shop front, shopping centre grille, cafe, restaurant, counter top and internal separation barrier/doorway applications, or where both security and visibility are required. widths up to 4400mm

diy roller shutters
  • High quality aluminium & polycarbonate construction
  • Commercial grade double wall extruded profile, heavy duty
  • Uv resistant polycarbonate profile
  • Roll tight design
  • Perfect for Verandas, Pergolas, Cafes and counter tops or shopping centres
  • Suitable for wide span up to 4400mm
  • Can be manually operated or motorised
  • Range of design colours
  • Fully retractable into an enclose pelmet
  • Winder box allows your shutter to wind up from inside
  • Spring loaded
  • Battery operation is a Lithium-Ion battery handset with a 12 volt output, push button easy to use.
  • 240v electric motor
  • 240v remote controlled
  • 240v electric motor with manual override