roller Shutter & Blind Remote

nice 1 channel remote Era-P1 blind remote

nice 1 channel remote

1 channel blind remote

Easy automatic duplication of new transmitters by just placing them next to programmed devices.

User-friendly programming procedure using the keys on the back of the transmitter.

Convenient wall support supplied as standard.

Power supply (Vdc): 2 x 1.5 Vdc alkaline batteries.
Battery lifetime: estimated 2 years, with 10 transmissions per day.
Frequency: 433,92 MHz� 100KHz
Protection class: (IP): 40 (use at home or protected environments).
Average range: estimated 200m in open spaces, 35 m indoors.
Radio coding: rolling code.
Operating temperature (Celsius Min. Max.): -5 / +55.
Weight (gr): 85

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