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E port controller by ozroll

ozroll e port controller

The ODS e port controller is the replacement for the old style control 10 remote.

The control 10 is now unavailable but it is easy to switch to the ODS controller with our conversion kit.

e port conversion cradle and back plate


You can either purchase this product to go with your DYI roller shutters they are easy to install, you can also upgrade your existing manual or old ODS control 10 handset with ease as well, email us and ask the easiest way for you to do this depending on your situation. there are different options to choose from and everyone’s situation is different. The newer technology of the Lithium-Ion battery which is now used in this handset has allowed us to use a smaller control unlike the old system which was cumbersome.

The E Port has a large battery capacity (1,600mAh) Lithium Ion.

ODS e port controller 15.600.001

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