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Simu motors

simu T6 120Nm – Standard 240V Motors With Mechanical Limits

simu 120Nm Standard 240V Motors With Mechanical Limits

simu T6 120Nm

Powerful and reliable the SIMU T6 range of high performance tubular motors is ideal for motorising larger and heavier applications.

you can be sure that the T6 range will deliver superior operating performance for most large roller shutters and folding arm awnings

The T6 range features a heavy duty mechanical end-limit system that is both reliable, easy and quick to set.


SIMU tubular motors are made in France and are reputed for high quality and reliability. Other features include:

  • Heavy duty, easy to set and accurate manual end-limit system
  • Thermal cut-out protection system
  • Suitable for a wide range of adaptations and tube sizes.


The simu T6 120Nm can also be equipped with SIMU Hz Radio Remote Control Technology (using the Hz reciever) and making it compatible with all SIMU automation devices.

If the simu T6 120Nm is not the one you are looking for we also sell other T6 motors with different torque. We also sell other simu motors lke the T5 and somfy motors