Somfy OXIMO RTS 15/17

Oximo 15Nm

somfy Oximo 15Nm is a smart choice for motorizing rolling shutters. It’s compatible with all types of rolling shutters and can be controlled with any Radio Technology Somfy accessory including hand-held remote controls, wireless wall switches and timers.

Motor with integrated radio control. Designed for all types of roller shutter. Automatically retains shutter raising and lowering settings for complete opening and perfect closing every time.

Somfy Drive ControlSomfy Drive Control
Your roller shutter and mechanism will last longer as the loads applied to them are lower. Permanent electronic analysis of the motor torque. Maintenance-free. automatic and permanent end limit setting

Obstacle detectionObstacle detection
Stops if it meets an obstacle when coming down

The My function
The “my” function
To move in one click your shutter to your pre-recorded favorite position

Protected against freezing
Protected against freezing
The motor stops in the event of freezing (and also if the fi nal slat is locked)

Tamper resistant
Tamper resistant
Burglary delayed


Control from your smart phone or tablet by using the new Somfy Connexoon available now and ready to provide you with a simple, intuitive, smart and playful app control solution.

somfy connexoon



Somfy Oximo LT50 515A2 RTS 120v AC Motor