somfy LT50 10nm jet

LT50 10NM jet

The range of dependable motors LT50 10NM jet

LT50 10NM jet


The long lasting line of LT50 jet motors is a dependable option for projection screen applications. The LT50 is offered in various control options and is a strong solution for standard projection screens.

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LT50 10NM jet Comfort & Convenience

  • Strong lifting capacity.
  • Dependable performance.
  • Transform your room in seconds with one click of a simple to use app.
  • Use natural voice commands to control RTS motorized solutions by adding myLink.

Connected Living

  • Operate projection screens automatically or with a one click command.
  • Stay connected with the interactive devices in your home.
  • Create a theater experience in your own home.
LT50 10NM jet