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somfy LTN Motor Range (solus pa)

SOMFY 240V LTN motors 30Nm (solus pa)

SOMFY 240V LTN motors 30Nm for roller shutters

The somfy LTN 30nm motor has the following features:

230v 50hz motor

progressive set limits

torque 30nm

speed 12rpm

somfy LTN 30nm

The Somfy LTN Motor Range will supersede the standard solus pa (wall switch) and Altus M (RTS) options which had previously been on offer. These new motor are a high quality yet cost-effective option, with the added benefit of a removable plug at the motor head and progressive limit settings which allows for simple installation and service work. The somfy LTN motor range is still back by somfy’s 5 year manufacture warranty.

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