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tape Winder Box

winder box for roller shutter

winder box for roller shutter parts

This unit is available for use with a tape or strap, running through the wall cavity and down the internal face of the wall to the winder kit which can be fixed next to the opening.

Can also easily replace old winder box as no conversion kit is needed and uses the same 14mm tape or strap that came with the old winder box.

also suits all brands of Roller Shutters that operate via strap or tape suits 14mm tape.

Comes without handle or strap.

easy to install with just 4 screws.

winder box size

W 150mmx H 120mm x 32mm


cord winder box

we also sell the cord winder box which has the metal insert.


winder box for roller shutter parts

The holes for the handle are on both sides so no need to ask for left or right box.

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