Roller shutter control types

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manual Series 2 Multi-Fit Winder

Manual control is the most cost effective Diy roller shutter control type, But it can also be the most difficult as lots of drilling through brick may be needed  

This unit is available for use with tape, running through the wall cavity down to the Winder Kit which is fixed on the inside wall.

This winder box offers the diversity of both vertical and horizontal installation by simple exchange of the roller and hole cap provided.

tape winder box diogram

Spring Assist with Bottom Bar Key Lock

Our spring operated Diy roller shutters offer a practical solution to commercial applications such as shop fronts, bars and canteens where added security is required. Assembled orders are supplied with a spring inside the axle which is specifically tensioned to the weight of the shutter, allowing simple and easy installation and operation.

This design provides a smooth, effortless motion in opening and to close it is as simple as pulling the curtain down using the handles provided

E-series battery control

ODS E-port controller (non RF) This Roller Shutter Drive System is a low voltage battery operated drive system that is not reliant upon mains power. With operation at the touch of a button this unique system offers a cost effective alternative with many other additional benefits including a more efficient installation, as well as the ability to operate the shutters in the event of a power failure.

e port controller

The E-Series RF remotes are available in two options, the E-Trans 1 channel (15.560.001) and the E-Trans 9 channel (15.561.001). With a huge range of programming choices, you are able to program a number of shutters on one single channel to operate simultaneously or operate a whole house load of shutters separately on different channels. Programming is simple: 1. Choose the channel on your remote that you wish to have registered with a particular E-Port. 2. With the E-Trans in one hand, hold down the middle ‘STOP’ button on both the E-Port control and the E-Trans remote. 3. Hold for 5 seconds or until you see the E-Ports LED light flash three times and that control is now set. Please note: E-Trans remotes will only interact with RF E-Port controls.

The ODS E-port controller comes with a 1 (one) year warranty and 1 year on the battery

Somfy Electric 240V hard wired motor

Designed specifically for roller shutters, the Solus motor combines Somfy’s reliability with a design that benefits the roller shutter market. Available in torques from 10Nm to 40Nm, coupled with its flexible 48mm design, it is adapted for Ozroll’s 50mm circular and 60mm octagonal axles. This European built motor utilizes progressive limit settings, making it perfect for roller shutter installation.

This motor will come with a clipsal wall switch that is mounted on the wall near the roller shutter.

Our somfy motors come with a 5 (five) year warranty and 2 (two) years warranty on switches

Somfy Electric 240V remote motor

Our roller shutters come with a somfy RTS motor that is European built with an inbuilt receiver which offers a cost effective choice for Radio Transmitter operation while maintaining the reliability Somfy is renowned for.

This remote motor will come with the stylish somfy 1 channel remote.

Our somfy motors come with a 5 (five) year warranty and 2 (two) years warranty on switches